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Active Astrology

by Ciro Discepolo


I discovered  Astrology in 1970 at the age of 22, while I was serving in the Air Force, at the  Latina Airport. My dedication was total and with great passion. I understood that the only way to learn was to practice it, meeting hundreds of persons and prepare them the horoscope and not to study dozens of books (what I did anyway for a many hours a day): you must make many mistakes and learn from these mistakes. I don't think there's a better method than this. Before meeting people I studied a natal chart for hours and took notes, asking myself how is, physically, the person I had to meet could have been, what character he/she had, what cultural interests this person had and so on. Then I spoke to the consultant, that I didn't, usually, know. When the person left, I began the real study to understand what I did wrong and the reason of the faults. This exercise gave me good results and I noted that however I was on an endless way, every day I proceeded a little bit. Astrology became my great passion and I recognised it more fascinating than the computer that was my other soul food.

But there was something I couldn't stand: many times I had persons that were passing negative transits, dramatic situations and I was not able to help them. It was not my style to hide the truth, because this way I cheated. I had to tell them the situation, but how could I deal with their reactions, their fears? This was the biggest crux I'd to discover if I would continue to be an astrologer. This period I was also doing my first Junghian analysis and I studied many books about psychology.

I was fascinated by the concept of "constellating a symbol" or, as I later named it "exorcise a symbol". In the psychological language "constellate" means activate, make alive. With great interest I read the introduction of Gianfranco Tedeschi, a junghian analyst and Italian headmaster, of an economic edition of Jung's book on schizophrenia "Psychology of schizophrenia", of Newton Compton Italy. I'll mention more about this question later on and you'll understand that my practice in astrology started mostly from this example named "exorcisation of the symbol".

While I was learning hard from this kind of natal charts, I also studied the solar returns and discovered, immediately, that it would have been possible to change it, also totally, changing the place the day of the birthday. These discoveries also made me lighten up; my wish was now to go on a path that lightened me up, gave me the possibility to verify. I found a half-hidden path and I tried to lighten it up with a weak light. This would have been my future way that I never abandoned and that I try to improve day by day.

The exorcisation of the symbol and the aimed solar returns are the basis of the Active Astrology.

The exorcisation of the symbols

The readers and the diligent cultors of astrology have surely noticed the present thought of us authors: we're on three different positions, that are very far one from the other and that determine the personal way to understand and exercise Astrology. The first current, that's not the first in importance, stands that the Astrology is an instrument for knowing the human psyche and doesn't permit absolutely previsions as, according to this current, Saturn and Uranus are not connected with the person also if it has been victim of a robbery just in the moment when the two stars are in his second radix home. How can be affirmed that transits, solar returns and primary directions are unuseful.

The second category or astrology "school" recognises fully the transit power at the point that it is convinced that's unuseful to fighter because all is written in the native theme and we can do nothing against the destiny.

Finally the third current: those that have the way of thinking like me, i.e. that the transits, the sun and moon returns and the primary directions function perfectly, but we have the possibility to fight against these forces. All I wrote in my previous books and overall in this one, I changed it due to Tradition, to the great Barbault teachings, to the Astrology researches, to my over thirty years of experience and to the personal way I put together my acknowledgments, mixing it with some aspects of the junghian teachings that supported me from the beginning of my studies. I'm sure that it's possible and it has been made to try to take off the power at the negative transits and to give the power to the positive ones, with any possible mean. First of all through knowledge and lighting up, what I think is the highest emancipation we have at our disposal. That by means of the techniques I explained in other occasions and that I will integrate now in synthesis.

The main operation I go to explain is the one I named exorcisation of the symbol or also ritualisation of the symbol.

Many readers, reading the book "Destiny as a choice" of Thorwald Dethlefsen, Edizioni Mediterranee, were excited. But almost all of what this German writer wrote, I wrote this during the last twenty years in my books, except reincarnation that I don't believe in.

Let's start from the beginning and review an example that I mentioned in a chapter I wrote. That the example made by the analytic psychologist Gianfranco Tedeschi in the introduction of the book of Jung "Psychology of Schizophrenia", Ed. Newton Compton Italiana. The writer reports about a roman student in psychology that years ago revealed symptoms of psychic dissociation began to behave like an ancient jewish priest. Tedeschi stated in this occasion that he  was jewish too and that together they could celebrate the sacred rites: fastening, purifying themselves, to put on the right suits, reading the original texts etc.

They did so for months until one day the young man said: "All this is interesting, but what do the jewish today?". At that moment, as he recovered the interest for the actual things, he was discharged from the psychiatric hospital and started the analysis with Tedeschi. The author tells us that the young man recovered completely and took a degree in medicine. The doctor constellated the inner pressing symbolism and this exorcised the problem. Now two further examples, as protagonists two customer of mine and also friends. The first one concerns a university professor of great culture and in particular psycho-astrological. During a transit of Saturn on Venus, the man she loved abandoned her. She suffered a lot and in order to border it; she wore a whole year mourning. When she was asked why, she answered "I lost my love". She did it for one year, i.e. for all the time Saturn needed to pass on her radical Venus. After that she moved the mourning and started again her normal life. The second example concerns an other intelligent and cultured professor that, when Saturn began to pass on her radical Venus, she asked me what she could have done for not loosing her love. They lived far each from the other and met periodically, every two weeks. I suggested meeting rarely the year after, or bettering never. So it was. Saturn had what it wanted, the sentimental mortification, taken away the enthusiasm, the temporarily death of sentiments and sex. When Saturn passed all was again as before. The operation for all these cases was to let  act the "phantom" i.e. as said in psychoanalysis "technique of area containment". Concerning the case of Tedeschi, also the principle of identification has been used (the student was jewish, even him). This procedure has not been invented by me, Tedeschi or Jung, but it is part of all religion rites and can be adopted often with good results and be compared to the homeopathic medicine similia similibus curantur (the similar cures the similar).

Can we state that all cases must be treated the same way? No. Thorwald Dehtlefsen, that has just been mentioned, suggests to wear black clothes, to go to cemeteries, meet serious people etc., when there is a Saturn transit on the birth Sun. But my experience and the psychoanalysts too don't agree. Infact, in many cases a compensation technic must be used. I'll explain it better: we suppose that the person that lives the said transit of Saturn is a Pisces, with the Sun or the Moon affected by Neptune. In this case the subject is psycholabile , very fragile, it is like an emotive sponge that absorbs totally the atmosphere around. It is not positive to suggest to read "The Miserables" of Victor Hugo and to stay with people that easily cry. We suggest her to stay with normal and cheerful people, balanced subjects, to watch kinds of American comedy films and to read Woodehouse.

We must never think that all we read, interpret and develop is intended in only one direction. So as someone has a better positive reaction to the allopathic than to the homeopathic remedies, the same way we will use the technique of the exorcisation of the symbol with stronger persons and the compensatory one for the weaker ones. Sometimes the two principles can be linked, so, in case of fragile and vulnerable Pisces, we could suggest to take certain psycoremedies and to live a few  more months in a lonely "spot".

The basis of the symbol exorcisation is the concept of sacrifice, the same that thousands of years ago for which the shepherd chose and sacrificed the best lamb of his herd to calm Zeus's fury. You must pay a price and this price must be paid in the analogic direction of the symbol and in a presumed measure that is sufficient to discharge the transit. If Uranus will transit on birth Mars in the 5th home of a woman, it would not be enough to tell her to cure a caries, but probably it would be sufficient to take away an uterus fibroma she has had for a few years.

The main suggestion I feel to give to all is to "anticipate" the transits, to offer the "sacrifice" when the transit is going to arrive.

An other great instrument to defend ourselves in critical periods or to strengthen the most promising ones, using the aimed solar returns. That means to choose the most favourable sky to spend the birthday and from which the year horoscope will come out.

For many years  I have invited my customers use this technique and even I do so. I have always tried it,  with very good results.

I suggest to examine the whole situation of a person about one month before the birthday, i.e. when the old year is finishing and you're  updated enough for what concerns the events that had characterised the sky of the past return. In any case, one month before a birthday there's enough time to organise a trip.

The technique I personally use is to make a dozen of solar returns, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, through out Europe. In case there are none satisfying  it's also possible to explore  extreme areas like New Guinea or Eastern Islands.

You'll find suggestions in the next example.

SOLAR RETURN: That's an argument that carries us away,  our experience hereof has been very satisfactory. Since our first year of our astrologic studies in 1970, we reached a spiritual sintony with this system which it developed in a faith sintony, but even in a basis practical experience . Actually we would not be in a position to interpret the astral situation of a person if not having three charts of him: the birth, the actual solar return and the coming one. Without these three diagrams the situation would appear "blind" (unknown). We believe that the knowledge of the function and the meaning of a solar return, means to go into the one year secrets of a person, reading the main and sure happenings that regard the subject. The first master was Alexander Volgulne, of which we asked and we were able to obtain the translation of his basic test in Italian, by Armenia. Afterwards we took distance from his credo, for the reasons explained in our "Trattato Pratico di Rivoluzioni Solari" published by Blue Diamond Publisher. We think that a solar return must be read in a few and clear points, to be considered, as we think, are the followings:

1) Where does the revolution ascendant lie compared to the  houses of the radical theme.

2) Where does the return sun lie compared to the return houses's theme.

3) Where does a return stellium lie compared to the sky  houses's theme.

Only after that the stars of the return chart must be analysed and only shortly all the remaining, otherwise many mistakes could be made. The solar return is based on the principle of cycles. As in nature daily cycles exist, during which the beetles sleep or are active, exists also the monthly cycle of women, so every year, when the sun passes exactly on its radical position in the sky of a person,  a new year starts for him with special features that are indicated from the created horoscope for that specific moment and that specific place. According to some astrologers, the solar return chart must be designed for the place where the subject was born and not for the place where the subject was on is last birthday. But it is absurd, both theorically and practically.

We suggest to read the above-mentioned treatise. We propose only one example to demonstrate the absurdity of the thesis of these colleagues. We refer to the horoscope of Mata Hari, the popular Dutch spy killed by the French during the I World War, this example has been made years ago, asking our colleagues to comment it, but we had no answer, so we propose it again. The birth sky of this beautiful spy-dancer-prostitute, born in Leeuwarden on August 7th, 1876 at 1 PM. We will take in consideration only one event of her life, that everyone can verify. It's so clear!

The astrologers that substain that the solar return must be designed for the birth place and not for the place at the moment of the birthday, must cry and fight a lot to convince us about the contrary of the evidence of the following example.

Now, Mata Hari, before becoming a prostitute and a spy, apart from being a wonderful dancer, was married to an officer, Major MacLeod, that took her to Indonesia, to the city of Medan.

Here, on June 27, 1899 she had a very bad destiny; a local housemaid poisoned her two sons and one, Norman, died after long-suffering. Now we have the conditions for a comparison. The birthdate of Mata Hari is sure and her horoscope confirms it. The date of the event is sure and the cities Leeuwarden and Medan are far one from the other.

What do we see for the solar return 1898/1899 for the birthplace Leeuwarden? Nothing, absolutely nothing that should suppose the tragedy, starting from the ascendant in the fourth birth house; then an empty and insignificant fifth house.

Now let us see the solar return 1898/1899 made for Medan, place where the family lived at the moment of the homicide. Where do you think we will find the return ascendant? In the eighth radical house! Moreover, we find Uranus in the 5th house and the two dispositors of the 5th house, Mars and Pluto, in conjunction in the 12th house. If someone still has doubts, he lies!

Aimed solar returns: this name has been adopted by us and means the possibility for the person to move himself  to another place on the birthday in order to have a better year influence. Among the interviews made to different Italian colleagues about aimed solar return, for the magazine "Sirio" of January 1996, the collegue Grazia Bordoni published also ours.

At the end of the article our friend said that she was sorry that we were the only ones convinced that the horoscope of solar return has to be made for the place where the person spends the day of the birthday and not the day of his birth. Indeed  this article was very favourable for us. Thirty years ago (I am writing on December 2000), when we started to affirm this, we had to fight  hard contrary affirmations against of our colleagues. They hardly criticised our practice of suggesting aimed solar return to our customers. After this, as our articles have been published in books and in specialised magazines, more and more readers, notwithstanding the censure of their masters and my colleagues  studied this argument and were convinced. Nowadays, in case of an investigation about this matter, you would discover that the "basis", also if it comes from  schools different of ours, it believes in solar returns and in the aimed solar returns.

A number always increasing of Pharisees, that was absolutely sceptic on this subject, affirm now that they've always been convinced of this and that it is so clear that it is not necessary  to be mentioned. That's why the interviewes appeared on the magazine Sirio was positive to us.

But what is the reason for which we were the first that studied with enthusiasm this study path, compared to our colleagues? The reasons are basically two. For studying an aimed solar return, with the calculations and the graphics you need to have the necessary technical instruments. Yet in the seventies we worked with little portable computers of Hewlett Packard, real programmable ancestors of the personal computer. Using these computers and with the help of professionals, we made astrological software that avoided us the long and hard calculations needed. The Molriv program of ASTRAL, is a little jewel: it permits to explore the whole world surface in a short time. The further reason which helped us really a lot for the study of the aimed solar returns, is that contrarily to the period of Alexander Volguine, a normal person that wants to spend his own birthday in New York, doesn't need to sell a house but can do it with less that one 500 dollars.

We "sent" hundreds of persons a year, for 30 years (over 14.000 persons at the date of December 2000), in foreign countries the day of their birthday and our balance is extraordinary positive, as you can read in our book "Trattato pratico di rivoluzioni solari" (Practical treaty of solar returns), Blue Diamond Publisher.

Ciro Discepolo


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