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A Ciro Discepolo English Conference
About Solar Returns

by Ciro Discepolo

For my English language Readers.




I had it on July 19th, 2010, in Cape Town, South Africa, in the hall of the Cape Association Astrology, a substantial association of over 200 our colleagues.

Gary Cousin, a very hospitable colleague, presented me.



You can see and listen this conference (the first part) at my address:

ATTENTION: you save on your computer clicking, with the right key of your mouse, on the writing, and choosing "Save with name... ". The file is very great, around 2 GB, and, even if you possess a very fast Internet connection, it is necessary waiting some hours for downloading it.

I advise you to use VLC Media Player software to listen it because I tried by Windows Media Player and it was not able to reproduce it.




and the Second Part:




and the Third Part:






Enjoy it!



English_corner | A Ciro Discepolo English Conference on Solar Returns